For thirty five years I have been in the advertising business, one way of the other. The decision to close my agency was a difficult one made easier by the service that the next step will be better in every way. As several of you know two years ago I launched a magazine venture out of the agency. I expected it would be just another project and would have little impact on my routine.

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When you are ready to invest your time and money in taking your Marketing to The Next Level, you need a strong partner. Dan Acree has strong skills and a deep understanding of how to elevate your brand, and your marketing plan overall. Working with a diverse group of specialists, Acree Creative can handle any project. Use the Contact Form below to reach out and tell us about your needs and goals. Dan Acree and I have 20-plus years of history working together. In my roles as CEO, Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, Exec.

It was during his years in Texas radio that Dan was discovered by border radio legend Wolfman Jack. In 1979, Wolfman and his business partner and personal manager, Don Kelley, invited Dan to Hollywood to run marketing and promotion for radio syndication company Audio Stimulation. Dan left Wolfman's company in 1980 to established his first independent public relations practice. Wolfman Jack was his first celebrity client. He spent the next nine years in the Hollywood entertainment industry, working with stars of television and music.

It begins with a strong strategy backed by a deep knowledge of your products and services. Acree Creative works closely with key segments of your company to understand, and bring focus to, each individual campaign-large or small. For more than 40 years, we have developed advertising for a number of industries including retail, business-to-business, entertainment and dozens of categories. We have created, launched, and managed campaigns to reach very specific target markets, as well as broad, mass, markets.

Potential customers are no different that you. When they are looking for a product or resource, they go to a familiar website or search the Internet. Most of us will judge the business by the "look and feel" of the website. What we see affects how we think of the business and if it can deliver what we're looking for. Every day something new is engineered to make your website work harder and provide a better interface for viewers. The technology is moving so quickly that your website can become out of date before you realize it.

Dan Acree has decades of experience in creating, reinvigorating, and energizing marketing plans for organizations, businesses and products. Insight and wisdom are essential to realigning your brand and marketing. Understanding where you are and where you need to go is an equation based on all that you know about your business and how to capitalize on those strengths. My approach is to use a modified SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis-a textbook approach to getting real about where you stand with your current customer base, and how you are seen by prospective customers.