Some graphic studios can take your projects only as far as the design stage, then can go no further. Some printers can put ink to paper, but have no design team to make sure it's done creatively. But Artmil supplies the finest of both: an award-winning graphic design studio and an in-house print production facility.

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  City Kennewick, WA
  Zip Code 99336
  Address 415 North Quay Street # A6
  Phone Number (509) 736-4002

From Our Website

For more than 20 years, our award-winning, business-growing design concepts have been put to the test all over the United States, helping businesses, municipal organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions make their mark through eye-catching and engaging media. The scope of creative work at Artmil is as wide as the range of our clients. From creating custom websitesto the simplest brochure or business card, we can meet your design objectives with speed and professionalism. We are all about creating visual impact - in person and online - and we have the experience and know-how to help you grow your business.

Artmil is a creative agencywhere graphic art is produced in many different forms for the companies we serve, using innovative ideas and a bunch of great equipment. Putting strong design first in your businessis an investment that will pay itself off many times over, and we thrive on helping you do just that. We design websites, craft new logos and brand identities, and offer high quality print for all sorts and sizes of media, incorporating edited digital images, innovative research, and wordsmithing as needed.

When a client approaches us about taking on a new project for them, we are always eager to say yes. Sometimes this tendency means we get thrown into new territory, trying our hand at a particular kind of campaign or service for the very first time; however, because we haven't been afraid to go out on a limb and try new things on behalf of our clients, we're able to do a lot of things that other agencies may not be willing to tackle. So, if you have a special request or need something "a little different, " come see us: we're not afraid to dive in head first.