Aspen'd Publishing, is an Idaho publishing firm that specializes in affairs of the heart. Our services include aid with the manuscript, illustrations and graphics, book cover design and the publishing of the book. Ned Fairchild, is an unforgettable, heart wrenching collection of poems.

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  City Ashton, ID
  Zip Code 83420
  Address 4077 East 1300 North
  Phone Number (208) 652-3351

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Questions poured in, and Chan soon found himself writing, not the sequel to Soul of the Land, but We, The Shamans, a "how-to-book" on writing award winning creative non-fiction history. Our latest title, Idaho Gambling, is truly an outstanding pictorial about the evolution of gambling in Idaho. Also, we regret to inform the literary world, that our friend, song writer, singer, and author of Sing or Cry, Sunny Fairchild Bingo, passed on nearly three years ago. Since then, Sunny's book of poetry has been increasing in value.

No one knows, the exact number of manuscripts written each year and never find their way to a publisher's desk. It certainly is in the thousands, if not millions. Therefore, becoming a published author requires a great deal of perseverance and hard work. Are you up to it? If you have a story and are willing to put in the time to write, rewrite, and then rewrite some more, send us a request for a consultation. As noted in We, the Shamans, some folks have a knack for story telling, while others struggle endlessly.