I help businesses and organizations realize their dreams and further their vision. I do this by providing design and branding solutions which help them engage and connect with their customers more effectively. These solutions help differentiate my clients from their com peti tors and in turn increase their prof its by helping them attract and retain their ideal customer base.

I believe that through design, I can make a difference in the lives of others. I believe that good design can simplify the complex, clarify the abstract, enlighten the uniformed, mobilize the disengaged, persuade the intransigent, unite the divided, encourage the dispirited and achieve the unimaginable. I strive to produce good design solutions for my clients, to help them accomplish these things and more.

Contact Details

  Person Tim Blake
  City Greensboro, NC
  Zip Code 27416
  Address P.O Box 36563
  Phone Number (866) 264-2933

Business Representative

Tim Blake

Hello, my name is Tim Blake. I create design and branding solutions, for businesses and organizations, who wish to communicate their ideals and connect with their desired audience. My clients say that my solutions are creative, effective and always on target. Therefore, they are better able to engage their customers, raise awareness and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Customer Testimonials

I highly recommend Tim Blake for any creative project you may be considering him for. He has completed numerous graphic design pieces for me that were fantastic, including recently designing electronic brochures that have a fresh new look. Tim's talent, past experience, and knowledge of design, print and advertising makes him an excellent resource. He is always easy to work with and professional.