Developed in 2009 as Carson Dunn Media, we rebranded as CDM Digital Advertising in 2015 in order to provide digitally based solutions to businesses. Our approach is to propel client companies ahead of competitors with services such as branding, strategic marketing, public relations, social media marketing, and affordable advertising.

Successful marketing has always been a careful blend of alchemy. Elements come together because of design. Advertising encompasses passion, knowledge, insight, experience, curiosity, and of course, vision. Our company is a multicultural, independent, full-service agency. Getting a client's message out to consumers is riddled with challenges. Companies must adapt with the times.

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  • Advertising, Integrated Marketing, Social Media Management

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  • National

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  • American Express, Credit Terms Available, Discover, MasterCard, Money Orders, PayPal, Personal Checks, Travelers Checks, VISA

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  Person Bernard A. McNealy
  City Sylmar, CA
  Zip Code 91342
  Address 15519 El Cajon Street
  Phone Number (818) 627-0450
  Mobile 8186270450

Business Representative

Bernard A. McNealy

Agency President

Products & Services

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

To many, video has the same power of a formerly new medium television.

With the increase of consumers demand video to watch, derive entertainment from, and receive exposure to products and brands, there is a tremendous opportunity for advertisers and marketers.

Video has made viable marketing opportunities for every business, from global corporations to local brick-and-mortar companies.

CDM Advertising has a production staff, including and writers to write, film and edit video to full production. The costs vary depending on a client's needs from a short video to corporate awareness.



Marketing is critical in acquiring and maintaining customers.

Based in Los Angeles, Carson Dunn Media (CDM) can target the general market as well as upper-income Black, Hispanic and Asian communities. Ethnic marketing gives our clients and their brands exposure to the esitmated 3. 7 Trillion dollars available for consumer spending.

CDM's advantage is a unique marketing approach called triplication (TM) . Triplication not only emphasizes traditional, but also digital marketing. When we add affordable advertising and public relations, a business client can gain eminence in its industry.

Each of our affordable advertising campaigns are multi-layered, cost effect and organic. We strive to increase brand awareness and consequently, profit. CDM is thorough, professional, persistent, responsive, and instrumental to achieving exposure and growth.



Advertising is critical in presenting the audience with the correct message. Whether it is by print, radio, television, digital adversting or social media, affordable advertising is a method that will improve their market share.

Our clients have the option of choosing from an array of innovative and unique advertising strategies. Effective advertising is more than putting an ad in a newspaper; it must be both proactive and strategic.

Public Relations

Public Relations

Public Relations is critical for developing a favorable public image. CDM uses PR to encourage a positive presence for internal and external stakeholders of a company, organization, or individual.

PR is an essential tool in the marketing process. We acheive this by crafting press articles, press releases, brochures, unique press kits, and or specialized newsletters. These different mediums are designed to generate positive images for the client.


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At CDM Digital Advertising, he functions as agency president overseeing the day-to-day operations of the agency. Bernard has been responsible for introducing the agency to clients and has successfully led the completion of 25 ad and design campaigns. Michelle brings considerable analytical and business acumen to CDM. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing at California State University. She honed her research of consumer behavior while at Netflix in their marketing department.