Dallas based creative designer. To fit all your needs. Web design as well as print design. Not all websites are created equal. In this digital age everyone has a website, but the real question is, did you hire a good web designer? The key to a good website design can be broken down into 3 easy steps. Great design, good code structure for SEO, and good content.

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  Person Craigthegraphicartist.com
  City Dallas, TX
  Phone Number (214) 299-1291

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Craig is a graphic artist, who offers a handful of creative services, currently residing in Dallas TX. His skill set includes web design, seo optimization and seo services. Graphic design for print media, and product photography.

"I first found my creative passion in a little known program called Photoshop. I was amazed by how much could be accomplished with just one program. I became obsessed with Photoshop, and trained myself vigorously on this wondrous program. And naturally progressed into web and graphic design, as well as photography learning all the tricks of the trade. I have worked on many projects and with many different companies."

Products & Services

Web Design

starting @ $500

Creative, clean, professional website design. Using HTML and CSS. Good for search engines optimization.

Print Design

starting @ $65

Clean, bold, eye catching print design for advertising your business.

Customer Testimonials

Craig developed a custom Wordpress site for me and did a great job. He customized it to fit my needs and made the admin section very easy to use, not to mention a great front end design. I highly recommend his services, very easy to work with!

From Our Website

I like to create clean, modern logo designs. My process starts from a conceptual point of about 3 different logo design ideas, then I put the concepts into actual designs. Using Adobe Illustrator for creating your logo in vector form, giving you the most versatile logo possible. I offer simple text designs or more elaborate text with graphic designs all on a budget that is affordable.