Graphic design is the business discipline and creative culture that forms the foundation of CIDD's service offering. We employ creative processes that combine art and technology to communicate ideas. CIDD has adopted a research-based approach to design. Firstly to understand your business and then the people you want to communicate with. This approach maximizes return on investment. Through the research and discovery processes we become mini experts for our clients and their businesses.

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  City Pompano Beach, FL
  Zip Code 33065
  Phone Number (954) 591-8832

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Web Design and Developing

Web, Logo and Graphic Design, Flash, Wordpress, Joomla, Interactive Media (CD) and Animation.

Customer Testimonials

I have used Cultura Interactive since I opened my business in 2008. As a new business owner, I have had my share of challenges in creating a good performing website. CEO Cesar Rengifo, has always held my hand in the process and explains everything in detail. In 2018, celebrating the 10th year anniversary of my company, I decided to revamp the website one more time. I have to say that Culture Interactive has far beyond exceeded my expectations with the design and creativity. Thank you Cesar and your Team for your professionalism.

I've been struggling with a problem on one of my websites. I called in and described the problem. I wasn't exactly thrilled about the situation, but the person I talked with was super up front, honest, and more than helpful. A short phone call helped me save a good $500-$1000 that I may have spent trying to fix my problem. I've worked with a lot of web companies, but these folks seem to be a cut above the rest. Couldn't recommend their service and support high enough.

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