Custom Logo Design - A logo is your visual representation of the feeling and personality of a business - who you are and what your business stands for. It symbolizes your company on a daily basis and is part of establishing your brand. It should be unique, eye catching and simple, yet memorable and stick in your audiences' mind. A logo that relates to your company and is well designed will project professionalism and create recognition in the marketplace and within an industry. Through recognition a company can expand and thrive.

Identity Packages - A corporate identity package is a crucial element to your marketing strategy and building business recognition. Consisting of a logo, business cards, letterhead and envelopes an identity package sets the style and tone of your business.

Repeat, repeat, repeat is an important strategy in marketing. And that is exactly what an identity package accomplishes. It creates a professional and consistent visual image of your business - time after time.

Marketing Collateral - Marketing materials include sales brochures, catalogs, magazines, posters, signs, product sheets, newsletters, direct mail, sales/product sheets and other printed media. These are essential elements to your company's marketing strategy. The purpose of marketing collateral is to provide your targeted audience the information they need and sway them to purchase or utilize your services. Marketing materials provide you with exposure and will expand your image and clientele. Repeat, repeat, repeat is an important strategy in marketing. Remember, it is crucial that you stay in front of your audience.

Web Design - Last but not least let's talk about web presence. In this era of advanced technology it is a must for a company to have a presence on the web. With the internet being one of the most used resources throughout the world, the need for online identity is essential. It is utilized to confirm and validate a business, it is inexpensive, fast and it allows you to connect with a vast number of consumers and vendors. A business without a web presence is like an individual without an identity.

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  Person Barbara Blom
  City Murrieta, CA
  Zip Code 92562
  Address 41690 Ivy Street
  Phone Number (951) 551-0117

Business Representative

Barbara Blom

Barbara Blom is a graphic designer who's experience and knowledge spans over 25 years. Her experience traverses across several industries from publishing, casino and gaming, construction, career development and leadership to business consulting. Barbara has the creative ability to take your objectives and needs and create an original visual design that will be not only grab your audiences' attention, but also stick in their minds. Her design style and conceptual skills are strong and she has full knowledge, experience and understanding of general marketing aspects of business. Barbara will go the extra mile and research your products or services to understand what differentiates you from the pack, thus optimizing your companies' exposure and image in the market.