You've got the product, you've got the service and you know what makes you the best at what you do. In today’s economy, competition is greater than ever, and the need to stand out is crucial. Presenting your image is a continuous, ever-changing, slightly confusing and a little overwhelming challenge. There is so much going on now. We LISTEN to your ideas and purpose and FOCUS on an affordable creative design solution that will get you noticed, recognized and will increase the amount of your potential buyers. Build your company with a solid image that does more than just look good. Let us help. Please view our portfolios.

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  • Affordable Web And Graphic Design
  • Calligraphy And Illustration

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  Person Isabel Smith Art and Design
  City Fort Walton Beach, FL
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  Address 31 Elm Ave SE
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Isabel Smith Art and Design

owner and artist

Been designing web sites since 1996 and graphic design since 1980, before that majored in fine art painting and illustration in college ... never finished - had to go to work! Started my own business and that's when I picked up my love for illustration and calligraphy. The skills really work for bringing the best design in for my customers. Communicating with my customers is a challenge but I have the best customers in the world. We work really hard to come up with functional and affordable products that increase their business sales. After all, that's what its all about!

Products & Services


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You work hard to perfect your business and you should have an image that reflects it. A custom illustration will distinguish your business from your competitors.

A pen and ink artistic architectural rendering will make your business noticeable. It's unique and classy. A custom illustration will brand your business as you use it with your print and internet media. It could be a custom illustration, pen and ink drawing, logo, or watercolor of your building or product (s) .

Our illustrations are fully compatible as works of art, in your office, on your printed brochures, flyers, business cards, thank you cards, invitations, as well as your web site.



Calligraphy is a perfect sign of good taste that gives all projects distinctive style, value and class. Our work is done by hand using dip pens. We also offer many digital typesetting script fonts.

□ Our Calligraphy Services:
□ Wedding Envelope Addressing (Inner and Outer) .
□ Wedding Songs and Vows, Scripture.
□ Decorative Scrolls, Name Tags, Table Cards, Menus, Programs.
□ Custom design and printing cards for all occasions.
□ Calligraphy Projects and more.

Web Design

Web Design

Our custom web designs always reflect the tastes and needs of our clients. Our objective is simply this: To provide you the best possible web site at a price appropriate to your budget:

□ Search engine optimization
□ Social networking
□ Email marketing campaigns
□ PayPal ecommerce
□ Branding graphic design (business cards, postcards, brochures, etc.)

We create the tools to help you create & keep customers!

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