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* Our attention to search engine optimization results in top ranking in major search engines
* We are committed to understanding client needs in order to create a website that is an effective tool for your small business
* We strive to design software that is thorough, robust, expandable and maintainable
* Breadth of technologies - HTML, CSS, DHTML, PHP, eCommerce, MySQL, Java, JavaScript, Java Server Pages
* Experience - web programming since 2000
* Software engineering experience dating back to 1989

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Reflections from my yard during a REALLY RAINY midwestern spring. In business, as in gardening, work and growth are inseparable. In both cases, work is required to make growth happen and in both cases, growth begets additional work. Growth of the garden requires spring cleanup of lawns and flower beds, maybe some turning over of the soil, grass seed, fertilizer, mulch, etc. Businesses require brand building, client acquisition, development of supplier relationships, production, etc. In both cases, if the up front prep work is done and done well, growth happens.

An internet website can quickly and easily bring your business to an unlimited number of potential customers. It could easily cost more than $6000.00 to advertise in print for 1 year. For that money, your audience and your presentation are both very limited. Unlike conventional print advertising, there is no time limit or expiration date on a website. Once created, it's always there to promote your business, service and support existing customers and gather information from prospective clients.

Have a website that's getting a little long in the tooth? If your website was created more than a few years ago, there's a chance that it's not mobile-friendly. Years ago it was enough to just have a website to establish an online presence. Today it's imperative for that same website to be available and useful on any size screen your visitors use. Spend a few minutes looking at sites presented in a Google search. Look closely and you may see that Google "tags" the sites that it knows are not mobile friendly.

As of today, the 2018 Tour de France bicycle race is through 15 of its 21 stages. A week from now we'll know who will wear the yellow jersey on the podium indicating the overall winner of this grueling event. Having a website for your business should be approached like riding in Le Tour. In other words, it's a process. It's a journey. It's not always the same. Just as the Tour has long mileage days, grueling hill days and time-trial sprints, maintaining your business website as an effective tool to support your business has different demands.

I recently ran into a situation using the DFU library from Nordic Semiconductor where downloading code to phones and then doing DFU of Nordic based BLE devices worked swimmingly. I then built a release version and.kablooie! DFU File Error failure. The output is a little "rough" but usable. The parts in bold above are fixed/required. The ".apk" is the name of the APK file from which you're extracting the manifest. You probably want to redirect the output to a local file to have for future reference, since the line above just outputs to the screen.

As a client, you should plan to be involved in all three phases of the website life cycle shown below.