Whether your business is retail sales or real estate, whether you are an artist, author, or musician, whether you are large or small, we will have what you need.

Here is a list of the many services we provide.

Logo and Identity Packages
Business Cards
Magazine Advertisement
Book Covers
Image Editing
Content editing
Promotional Materials
Package Design
Web Design and Development
Social Networking Set-up

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  Person Karen Parker Designs
  City Bellingham, WA
  Zip Code 98225
  Address 2400 C Street
  Phone Number (360) 820-8696

Business Representative

Karen Parker Designs

I have been working in the field of design for over ten years, and for the last two years I've specialized in web design. I enjoy every aspect of graphic design, from creating original ideas to more technical web solutions. However, what gives me the most amount of pleasure is when my customer is happy.

My first design work was in the publishing industry with Kearney Street Books: book covers, web sites, advertising and promo. I also designed for Tarragon Books, Flying Trout Books, and Trickster Books, plus the print-on-demand company Book Surge.

Later, I began working in real estate marketing, creating web sites and magazine advertisements, plus a number of training sites. In addition, I wrote real estate web content and created homework and introduction content for client use. I have also worked with real estate agents and companies designing imagery and organizing material for their backend web systems.

I also began working in video editing and production by creating virtual tours and informational videos for customers.

Working with these companies and freelancing has helped me gain valuable experience. I'm ready now to pass this expertise on to my clients.

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Most pricing will be on an hourly basis; however, some projects are done on a flat rate basis. In all cases it is best have a free consultation with your designer so all aspects of your project and pricing can be discussed. Here are some general pricing rates.