Since 1992, I have been a freelance Graphic Designer creating everything you can think of for clients all over the United States. Signs, logos, posters, business cards, brochures, mailers, web sites, and more, you name it, I have designed it at least twice. I will always try to fit my costs into your budget, so you should contact me to get an estimate.

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  Person Steph Karpins
  City Grants Pass, OR
  Zip Code 97526
  Address 602 NW Clarke St
  Phone Number (541) 890-1906

Business Representative

Steph Karpins

I am what you call a true artist. I was born with the gift of making things beautiful and appealing to the eye. When I receive new projects, I look at each one as puzzles I need to put together, and when I am happy with the results, I can happily guarantee my clients will be very pleased themselves.

I am a perfectionist, it's that simple.

I have more than a handful of useful skills and talents to offer to the public for either personal or business needs. I strive to keep things a win/win for my clients and me, meaning I keep things within their budgets as much as possible and still make it work for me also. I will make sure my clients have everything they need and nothing more to help them reach their goals.

Great things grow here; business futures and great friendships. Contact me today; I'm looking forward to helping you with your next project ideas.

Sincerely, Steph Karpins

Products & Services

Custom Illustrations & Graphics

$45 & Up Design Fee
Custom Illustrations & Graphics

What kind of Illustrations are you looking for? I can illustrate for most projects. From Children's Books, Custom Clip Art, Tattoo Art, and more. I'm the artist you should be calling. I give out fair flat rates based on the design time of each project. Please Contact for a quote.

Custom Logo Design

$45 - $360 Design Fee
Custom Logo Design

We all should know, having a company logo that represents your business or organization is a must. Sometimes coming up with a logo idea can be tough. If you have a logo design idea to start with, that's great, but if you don't, then that's ok also. I can help with giving a few logo design samples and then we can go from there.

There are different types of logo design services I can offer; highly graphic Illustrated Logos, Emblem or Iconic Logos with small amount of graphics or symbols worked into or around the wording, or Text Logos which the words are more turned into graphics. Please Contact for a quote.

Web Design

Starting at $99 a page
Web Design

Times are tough these days where everyone is watching their budgets tightly, and to hire a Web Designer can be very costly, and so business owners, especially small business owners search on how to design your own websites. Not realizing it takes a lot of time away from actually running their business, because the business owner is confronted with the information that they either need to take a lot of college course on programming language and design, or they buy web designing software in which they also have to be a wiz at understanding on how to operate it.

Once that's accomplished, then updating and maintaining the business website can be another timely chore, plus marketing it to all the online listings so their business can be found. If people only knew how much it takes building a website, they would just hire a professional web design company to tackle the job. However, that means having to face paying a fortune, in which a small business budget can't handle, especially right now.

Well, that is why I am here; I am a freelance Web Designer who likes being an affordable custom website design company, who specializes in affordable website development for small business budgets.

I offer everything large website design firms offer such as; Web page development and maintenance, hosting and domain setups, search engine optimization (SEO) , just at lower web design prices. Contact for a Web Site Design Quote!

Flash Banners & Presentations

$45 - 360 Design Fee
Flash Banners & Presentations

Flash Presentations and banners are a wonderful way to add coolness to your site. By adding slideshows, animation, videos, and banners to your website, you can keep visitors interested and want to visit longer, in which may increase the odds of them buying your merchandise, being a repeating customer, referring your site to their friends and family, and so on.

What's the difference between and a flash banner and a flash presentation? Flash banners are usually small in size, can range from 468 x 60 pixels, to 550 x 125/150/175 pixels, or can be custom depending where your flash banner will be placed out on the web for business advertisement purposes and help drive traffic to your site. Flash Presentations are usually larger than banners, and can be made to any size really, but usually is made to show slideshows, videos, product demonstrations, etc. Contact for a estimated quote.