Kessler Digital Design is a creative agency experienced in designing and developing brands. Our success is reflected in the firm we keep and the creative excellence we demand of ourselves. We take pride in delivering a striking visual and communicative platform that allows our customers to present their business clearly and effectively.

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These days, branding is an essential element in today's marketplace. You want to be relevant and attractive to your target market, and you want to build trust and communicate consistency that will pay off in the long run. You don't just want to be good, you want to be great. Logos, graphic elements, marketing materials, websites and other touchpoints are the means to bring a brand to life. It intrigues us to understand the inner workings of your organization. We want to gather the essential information and uncover the hidden gems that have not been discovered yet.

Brubaker Inc. has been a leader in the home services sector for 75 years and is headquartered in Lancaster County, PA. As a family owned business from the beginning, their reputation has meant a lot to them. Brubaker came to Kessler Digital Design to redesign their website and refocus their marketing efforts in the digital arena. The original website was not very phone-friendly, and the overall navigation was cumbersome. The only visual element that represented their services was a wrench icon.

Every year PMA hosts international conferences around the globe centered around the produce industry. The branding for these events must look cohesive, yet highlight the location and issues in that region. The organization appeals to growers, packagers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. For 2019, we chose this watercolor styled backgrounds to highlight the location, while showing the produce of the region. The artwork was used for print ads, web banners, social media ads, and large scale graphics at the conferences.

DelVal is a small private university in the Philadelphia area where students encounter the real world workplace on day one with their hands-on program. They specialize in teaching life sciences in the agriculture industry which has become technology and innovation driven. We used photos of the students in action in the laboratory "Experience is everything" was the tagline that was developed as the theme the multimedia campaign.

Since Wrightstown Health & Fitness opened for business in 2011, they have grown by leaps and bounds by expanding their services beyond just personal training. We simplified the brand to WHF and kept outline of the symbol of the guy in motion since it was a unique design element and had represented them for 8 years. There were a LOT of colors in the palette before, that made it fun and exciting, but just they just needed to be tamed a bit. All of the lettering and even the symbol was tilted to the right to give it a more forward motion.

The Enactus team worked on several projects throughout the year and presented their results to a panel of judges. The project requirements had to integrate the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals. Using the color labeled wheel created by the UN, Enactus tailored their projects to fit the goals. Using the "O"s in the titles, we replaced them with the wheel to show which goals were met by highlighting those corresponding segments.

Landmark Family Chiropractic was recently established and came to Kessler Digital Design for website design. They had a previously designed logo and color scheme that we used as a base. The original logo was very heavy, and it just didn't communicate the proper message. We did utilize the triangle shape, but lightened the weight of it and gave it some interest with the triangles aligning together. Most chiropractors' color schemes tend to have a pastel palette and have a clinical feel. We determined that the target audience was a more modern and wellness-centric, so that drove the look of the vibrant green and graphic elements.

Baldwin Publishing came to Kessler Digital Design to help them establish a branded theme for an upcoming trade show. We developed web banners and postcards that were mailed out to potential attendees. The photo background and typography was carried through all of the pieces so it would be easily recognizable. The goal with the postcards was for attendees to bring the postcard to the booth, and in turn, they would receive a free cookbook. We also designed the user interface for the kiosk where their software app would be on display.