Lakeland Creative is a low cost/high-impact marketing solutions company for your business's graphic and web design, and marketing communications needs. Improving your business image and elevating your online presence with high-end design and quality content should always exceed your investment. With Lakeland Creative, our clients are always impressed that the level of creativity and expertise that we deliver can come at such a reasonable cost. By eliminating fixed overhead costs, we are able to develop your brand and message while pricing our services within your limited budget.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • High quality graphic design, web design, and marketing services at affordable prices

Serviced Areas

  • Milwaukee, Chicago, Green Bay

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  • American Express, Discover, MasterCard, PayPal, VISA

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  City Milwaukee, WI
  Zip Code 53207
  Address 4525 S. Howell Ave.
  Phone Number (414) 412-8611

Products & Services

Creative Branding & Identity Services

Creative Branding & Identity Services

What is your brand saying about the value you offer to your target market? Is it consistent? Does it engage? Does it express the mission or passion of your business? It should.

Lakeland Creative can develop your brand's impact and awareness. Our expertise in identity design can put you in the command seat of how your company is perceived. Adding value and purpose to your corporate identity makes a favorable connection with your prospects and customers that lends to loyalty and increased market share.

The logo isn't the only aspect of your brand. Lakeland Creative can create a complete corporate image that includes the logo, letterhead and envelopes, brochures, business cards, annual reports, packaging, signage, and more. We can also develop a detailed style guide that lays out clear branding rules for your affiliates and channel partners so you can be assured your brand is being consistently communicated even when outside of your immediate control.

View examples of identity design we've created at our portfolio page and then contact us to discuss your needs. We're confident we can communicate the corporate vision you want to express and fortify you competitive position through our expert and experienced branding design capabilities.

Advertising & PR

Advertising & PR


David Ogilvy said, "If you're trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language in which they think. " Lakeland Creative prides itself on having created very successful campaigns that directly correlated to an increase in sales and market share. Those results are a testament to our abilities as creative thinkers and communicators.

Whether you're product or service offering is B2B or consumer oriented, we can create a unique message that will be remembered and acted upon.

We specialize in negotiating the most affordable media buy possible and securing significant, meaningful added value in the form of promotional support and bonus media for every client, regardless of the size of budget. To maximize the effectiveness of your budget, we can also look for co-op opportunities to stretch your budget and set up tracking mechanisms to help evaluate the effectiveness of our efforts and modify the media plan as needed.

Public Relations
Unsolicited editorial can be the best form of advertising. We know how, where, and when to move your message to the forefront of the marketing channels that represent your industry. Lakeland Creative has strong media relationships with many industries represented in the Chicago and Wisconsin area. Our process starts by creating the tools that media personnel rely on for their trade - media kits, press releases, and press ready photography. Our copy writing will put a fresh and inviting perspective on the products and/or services you've worked hard to bring to the market. We can also supplement your tradeshow marketing objectives with media outreach opportunities.

We are the best value for amplifying your message and impact. Lakeland Creative Advertising Services.

Printing Services

Printing Services

The tangible, printed aspect of your marketing collaterals also says something about your company's image. Does your printed message represent your company as one that is proactive about the details? Lakeland Creative has extensive knowledge of the printing process that can only come from extensive experience. We will guide you through paper selection, finishing techniques, and printing processes that will best match your budget and purpose of your project.

Our print vendor relationships create a strategic alliance that benefits your marketing ROI. Whether you are seeking an environmentally friendly solution, ultra fast turnaround, or a vendor that can efficiently manage a very large project complete with binding, shrink wrapping, and distribution, Lakeland Creative knows where to go and how to manage the transaction.

We are the best value for amplifying your message and impact with printed collateral.
Lakeland Creative Printing Services.

Photo Services

Photo Services

Lakeland Creative photo services bring a new dimension to your product line and visual communications. A large portion of projects we do involve photography. We've carried over the low cost aspect of our business model to the commercial photography needs of our clients.

Having prior experience in professional studios, and years of experience providing commercial photography and photo editing services to our own clients, we've learned where to keep our equipment costs down and how to streamline large workflows for projects such as catalogs and e-commerce web sites. It translates into savings, and that makes our photography affordable by any company regardless of size or budget.

In addition to photography we also offer photography services that can give your existing photos more pop and power. Background clipping and color correction are just two skills, if done correctly, that can make your photos say more and convey a crisp, professional image of your brand. View our 'example in focus' to see how we used a simple, cost-effective solution to turn a catalog of pre-existing photos into a product lineup on the cutting edge.

Web Design

Web Design

Your web site may very well be the first thing a prospect sees for his or her first impression. What is it saying? A site with poor organization, clunky layout, and sub-standard graphics could leave your prospects with an unfavorable, general impression of your entire business.

Lakeland Creative has the in-depth knowledge of how a web site should work, as well as strategically work for you - not against you. Clean, original web designs with content mapping and keyword/search engine optimization of the entire site is built into our strategy for your site beforehand, not as a afterthought.

Search engine optimization is integral to the success of any site whether your goal is lead capture, or final conversion to online sales. If your site isn't being found in search engines, you are missing opportunities. The landscape is always changing in regards to best practices for SEO, and Lakeland is on top of them - after all, we're after the best ways of promoting our brand to prospects like you! SEO can be a labyrinth of dead ends and counterintuitive strategies. To do it right, SEO requires a solid knowledge of the search engine environment that Lakeland Creative provides

Be careful though. When a company offers SEO (search engine optimization) solutions as the main focal point of their business, usually this comes at the expense of having the visual aspects of a website's appearance sacrificed for a design that only a search engine crawler could love. Lakeland provides a perfect balance between enhancing what a search engine crawler sees, and what your prospects will see. Bridging these two facets for optimum performance as a lead generating, brand enhancing sales tool is what makes us the clear choice.