We take ideas from spark to finish! Our team of marketing and advertising designers know how to get your business the attention it deserves! Branding is today's term for image. The LTD Company team is dedicated to using our full arsenal of new age advertising, public relations and marketing tools to help you get that competitive edge.

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  Person Lorrie Determann
  City Bedford, NH
  Zip Code 03110
  Address 169 South River Road Suite 8
  Phone Number (603) 623-7699

Business Representative

Lorrie Determann


Best of Business Award - 2010 best Public Relations Firm in the state of New Hampshire. LTD Company provides full service marketing and advertising design with offices in Bedford and Laconia, New Hampshire. Website design and hosting, branding, collateral, trade show design, billboards, collateral.

Products & Services

Graphic Design

Everyone wants to look good.

A practical and well-thought-out design can organize information, allowing customers to make smarter decisions about your products. There are so many places in everyday business where graphic design is noticed. You want your logo to be bold on business cards, your artwork to be crisp in brochures and your sign to stand out on your building.

The team at LTD can take any design element – large or small – and turn it into something that is your brand. Let good design show off the best your business has to offer.

What We Do:
- Logo Design
- Brochures, Business Cards & Sales Kits
- Newsletters
- Direct Mail Pieces
- Ad Design
- Signage
- Point-of-Purchase
- Photo Shoots, Set Design and Digital Photography
- Website Design

From Our Website

LTD Company was founded in in Bedford, NH. We are a full-service advertising agency that has worked with clients of all sizes, focusing on personalized service since 1984. We don't use the same plans for everyone. Our ideas are good because they are creative, specific to our clients, and focus on cost-effective marketing solutions. Repeat after us: No three-martini lunches! We understand that time is money, and we make it a point not to waste either. We allocate your money like it is our own, and squeeze every bit out of even the leanest advertising/marketing budget.

LTD Company has been, since it's inception, an active part of the Bedford, and greater New Hampshire community. Founded by President Lorrie Determann in 1984, we have always prided ourselves in our quality of work for clients of all sizes and budgets. During the first ten years of business, LTD Company represented many retail and shopping centers, becoming well known for complete marketing services, public relations, design and extraordinary special event creation and production. LTD Company became the "event gurus" for New Hampshire, creating some of the largest special events in the state, including the Granite State Duck Race, a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club that ran for 10 years and became one of the largest fundraisers in the state.

Copy that's soft when it needs to be, hard when it demands to be, results that are just right - it's magic! Our experienced team at LTD Company writes copy for clients like it's our job - because it is. We know how to get your message across in ways that will pique the interest of others, and we have plenty of ideas on how to convey your unique story.

Many businesses have found that when they hire programmers to design their website, there is just something missing. It looks OK, it functions, but it just doesn't have the impact they hoped for. That is because programmers are not marketers, designers, copywriters or creative specialists. When the LTD team creates a website, we analyze and create the entire site to maximize your message and brand, and to make your website the most useful tool possible. We do this with color, great design and targeted copy, as well as solid programming.

We help you take the guesswork out of where to place your ad dollars. Whether your business is geared more toward local residents or has national appeal, we have ideas on where your message would be best placed. There are a variety of options on how to buy ads in radio, TV, newspapers, magazines and on the Internet. We stay on top of media trends and use our years of experience to create, negotiate and track an effective media campaign. We aim to direct your information to people who are looking for it with a plan that makes your ad dollars work oh, so hard.

Whether it's a grand-opening event or a seasonal promotion, we'll keep your spark alive throughout the years with our creative marketing strategies. We become an integral part of your team and your day-in, day-out sounding board for all your business decisions. We want customers to be just as excited about your product as you are, and we will create that buzz. We design plans and see them all the way through, by creating the appropriate materials and publicizing what you offer.

We start our creative process by doing a lot of listening. To you, and even more importantly, to your customers. Our LTD "think tank" pinpoints opportunities in order to focus our creative approach on how to deliver your business to the marketplace.