You need to communicate to your clients what your company can do for them. But in order to do that, you need to get their attention first. So how do you make that critical first impression that grabs their attention and gets your message across? The answer lies in the visual presentation of your message - the Art. You need quality, custom graphic design from MDGraphics to get your marketing materials noticed and complement and strengthen your intended message.

You could hire a high-end firm and pay big bucks. But, maybe you don't have the budget for that. Or, even if you do, sometimes you end up sacrificing your message to appease the artistic temperament of some designer who looks at your project more as their own personal artwork, rather than a form of communication for your business. But, that doesn't mean you have to settle for an image that looks like some template your local copy/print center uses for anyone who walks through the door.

We provide quality, custom graphic design, created especially for you - and your budget.

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Products & Services

Logo Design Package

Since the dawn of civilization, human beings have communicated with symbols. A logo is an excellent way for any organization to take advantage of this innate ability in all of us.

Your logo will be the single most important element in all of your marketing efforts. It needs to be totally unique, original and timeless - custom created specifically for your organization. It can be a custom typeface or type treatment, a symbol, mark, illustration, or any combination of these, but it needs to convey an image that represents the philosophy, personality, products, and/or services of your company.

Yet, it can't be too complicated. It has to lend itself to a huge variety of possible uses and numerous methods of reproduction, including copying, faxing, printing, embroidery, and electronic (web) publishing, in sizes as small as a dime or as large as a truck - all without losing its design integrity or requiring revisions to make it work.

Brochure & Collateral Design

Every business or organization needs some sort of brochure or other type of marketing collateral that explains what they offer and tells their clients why they should choose their company for those products or services. So, whether you need a simple flyer in black and white that you can just copy or fax, a two-color tri-fold brochure, or a sophisticated, full-color piece with multiple pages, unusual folds, varnish, embossing, die-cuts, etc., MDGraphics can create it for you.

From Our Website

Whether you produce a simple 1-color, 4-page newsletter, or an extensive full-color specialty magazine, MDGraphics can handle all your design and production needs. Or maybe you're considering self-publishing a book. We can handle the design and layout for both the cover and inside pages. Email us at MDGraphics to get a free consultation and quote on the design and production of your next publication.

Whether you need just a small black & white spot ad for a newspaper, a full-color spread ad for a magazine, or anything in between, MDGraphics can give you a design that will get your ad noticed without disguising you message.