We pride ourselves in creative solutions and customized design. By understanding your unique business, Media 3 Design. can supply your firm with solutions that are elegant, economical, and on-target. Media 3 Design specialists will work closely with you each step of the way to ensure we generate the optimal solution to suit your requirements.

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  City Dorr, MI
  Zip Code 49323
  Address 2564 Nicholas Drv
  Phone Number (616) 454-7250

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Here at Media 3 Design, we are busy working to offer our clients the most innovative, budget-friendly and relevant design solutions for their business. All this usually within very tight deadlines. While we burn the midnight oil to provide top-notch service to our clients, it is our own site that has been neglected and put on the back burner, well maybe it was just put in the pantry, way in the back, behind the stale chips and the can of Butter Beans ( what do you use Butter Beans for, anyway?).

We have all heard the phrase "Jack Of All Trades", but what does that mean in the graphic design industry? Can one person really be a jack of all trades? Although many designers may boast such a skill, many times, the only skill they have mastered is the art of a sale. In order to be a truly creative and innovative company, design requires a team effort. Up until now, the only way to get that team design effort was to hire a design firm, they have the man power, the high rise office space, coffee services and the billiard tables, but wait, what does all that have to do with you?