Mountain West combines the talents of our graphic designers with our programmers to make effective, usable, customer focused web sites. We have been building web sites for over 10 years now and in order to survive in this ever changing industry, we like you, must constantly evolve. This means adopting the latest technologies and knowing how to effectively implement them online. We are not just a brochure web site firm, we develop complex database driven web applications that make life easier for youand your clients. Your web site can be an amazing marketing tool if properly executed.

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Products & Services

Web Development

We have been developing web applications since 1999. We follow a process oriented development methodology designed to minimize project risks and development time.

We focus on business solutions that fulfill business rules, instead of merely providing technical solutions. All our applications are built on the basis of your company procedures, processes and rules.

We work hand in hand with your power user on a daily basis and use new proprietary Specification Designer Software developed by us to speed the development process and produce accurate and timely results.

With our Spec Designer software, daily updates and keen attention to quality testing, you can rest assured that your project will be completed with accuracy and quality.

Web Design

Our objective is to create fast loading sites that powerfully and accurately communicate, where the visitors can easily find what he or she needs.

"How do we get started? "

Simultaneously while our design team is "listening" to the client needs and working on the overall design we usually prepare several different samples so that the client can select a "look and feel" that suits his needs and interests. During this phase, we may even prepare a skeleton site that incorporates this "look and feel. " This will begin to give a sense of the navigation. Once this is completed, a simple beta site can be launched. You can view your design stage by stage and give us valuable feedback at each stage.

We create logo designs, web graphics and banner designs too. We can create an unique image to represent your corporate identity or even modify your current logo and capture the essence of your business. We create banner designs that are standard, animated or non-animated, with Rich media like text and search fields, buttons, lists, pull-down menus, image maps and Flash banners.

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From Our Website

If you've been trying to get Google to send you customers, but can't seem to crack into the top search spots, it might be because search spiders are ignoring you. A lot of business owners and managers don't know this, but certain problems can prevent you from getting any search traffic at all. These are just a few of the very common problems that can stop you from getting search traffic. There are actually dozens of others. The best way to find and fix them is with a simple website audit that lets us go deep into your HTML and find places to make repairs.

The ability to accept credit cards is clearly a defining factor. Most times the credit does not actually process through your website, for security reasons, but processes through a payment gateway. A payment gateway is a company that works with the credit card companies to be sure that all credit card transactions are processed securely and credit card numbers are not stored by small businesses. You must have an account with a payment gateway (we'll show you how to do this) to accept credit card on your website.