OldhamCreative.com exists to supply small to medium sized organizations solutions for marketing and advertising and includes business and event themes, slogans and logos. Graphic and creative design for web, print and video. Animation and interactive design and production. Plus any number of services bordering around the edges.

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  Person David Oldham
  City Greenwood, IN

Business Representative

David Oldham

David Oldham's artistic career spans more than 20 years of bringing diversity, creativity and spontaneity to any project. His experience includes advertising design and production, direction of photo shoots, development of animation for video, CD-ROM and the web. It also includes interactive presentations, shooting and editing video, recording, editing and mixing audio. David is known for his honesty, ability to develop a partnership with each client to enhance the custom design for their needs, and delivering unique polished, design products for his customers.

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Dont forget our local restaurants like Greenwoods https://t.co/m97m5DneNL! They are #OpenForDelivery, drive thru, https://t.co/FJfyRk4CJx
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I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/mriRuvGBNF 3 Bold Social Media PREDICTIONS For 2019
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New Day https://t.co/ViMF8XmUsm #whiteboard #TimeLapse #illustration #premierepro
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Unemployment is like a detour, an unexpectant off-ramp on the highway. It starts like this... https://t.co/Gty1qkFXNk
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Experience the impact a custom illustration makes on a project! https://t.co/QAs7vOsk9W via @OldhamCreative #GreenwoodIN #Illustration
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Experience the POWER of custom animation for your next web or video promo!! https://t.co/IgMfJCZJ6E via https://t.co/ue1A5WJXEF
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Custom Graphic Design can be Yours!! https://t.co/ylKK7IgRz7 via @OldhamCreative #GreenwoodIN #Graphic #Artist
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Try https://t.co/batq6O7hdq's Economic Website Hosting https://t.co/BJvH3mRSdZ via @
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Great design turns heads and hijacks attention so your products and services are remembered. We specialize in creative graphic design, animation and motion graphics, infographics and illustration, creative copy writing and proofreding services.

Our experience is well rounded and includes creative writing and communications as well as creative multimedia and graphic design. We are also known for honesty and cohesive partnerships, which work together to enhance the quality of the finished product.