Osprey Creative is the name of my web home, online studio, and design portfolio. It's where I present my best brand identity designs and interact with the community through my design-centered blog (which you can read about below!). Whether you're searching for my design services or for my design blog, it's a great place to get to know me, to learn about what I do, and to get in touch with me or hire me.

I've always loved writing and I've always loved graphic design, so I made the decision that writing a design-centric blog would allow me to grasp and explore more of both. My blog concentrates on many design topics including but not limited to: freelancing, crowd-sourcing, current projects I'm working on, my thoughts on controversial graphic design topics, and random posts that I somehow connect to the topic of design.

I thoroughly enjoy writing and blogging about my passion, design, and am always glad to write guest posts for other blogs if you are searching for a guest blogger and enjoy my style, don't hesitate to use the contact me form and let me know!

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Logo, Web, Brand identity design

Contact Details

  Person Andrew Hwang
  City Brookfield, WI
  Zip Code 53005
  Address 14285 Lindsay Drive
  Phone Number (262) 212-2299

Business Representative

Andrew Hwang


My name is Andrew Hwang, and I'm a self-taught freelance graphic designer based out of Milwaukee, WI. After learning the basics of quality design for a while, I explored the different fields of which graphic design comprises and found logo and brand identity design to be interesting and challenging but extremely satisfying. I'm the owner of Osprey Creative, and I've been designing for years now, but I never tire of creating timeless, engaging designs for companies and businesses of all sizes. To see some of my past designs, visit my portfolio. Along with logo design, I also dabble in advertisement banner design and assorted web graphics, and I try my hand at coding every now and then.