We understand how hard it's to establish an organization. It's difficult to establish yourself in the minds of your audience. At PinPoint Creative Group we identify who your consumer segment is and ensure that your brand has the basics: we create an expert, unique logo that sticks in the mind; we establish your brand positioning and then we roll out creative marketing communication materials that allow your brand to sing!

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Great service and results! They really walk you through the process and explain it for us lay people. They created some printed materials and did a great website too. Highly recommend!

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Initially, developing effective church branding and church communication has many complexities. Keeping your congregation informed while connecting to your community is complicated. We can help. For 20 yrs we've been a leading national #churchcomm voice; influencing 1000s of churches: to be known for something relevant and needed!

Initially, your communication thread (foundation to your church branding) must be discovered to unite ministries. Similarly, you must express a key solution that your community is seeking. Because of that, even those not needing "church" will discover a relevant benefit they're seeking. Non-profit organizations and businesses (who identify with our passion) often want us to custom develop a communication strategy and/or branding package for them. Therefore, contact us if you'd like to be known for something too!

All great brands have a memorable logo. Your thread, positioning statement, or tagline, is REALLY your brand - but a logo is critical in our visual world. That symbol and stylized words quickly attract attention, remind of what. What exactly is a church brand? It's more than your logo - although your visual brand is the "outfit" your church brand wears. So what is it then? It's the controlled promise (or story) that is consistently spoken so you. You need an Expert to ensure completion of the work.

Our church communication process starts by defining your reach area with a demographic binder and 5-yr projection. You need an Expert to ensure completion of the work. Develop an effective Church Communication Strategy in a guided, 6-9 month journey. It includes: all communication assessments, investigation of audience, determination of church brand (thread), and communication strategy. Solve church communication problems, establish a strategy based on a solid church brand, in order to reach your community for Christ.

Ministry is more fun together! Leaders share the same pain points and challenges. Cohort-style Church Communication Groups allow you to solve problems and uncover new strategies with peers over 3 months. Working on a new Church Brand and want a Church Communication expert to guide you through the process? In this Group, together, we'll establish the principles and practical steps to an effective church brand (communication thread and visual brand foundation). Download PDF of Course Description.