PowerFlite Communications is an advertising and design agency,
providing our clients with world class professional work that gets
real world results, reaches the markets they need to reach most,
and helps their brand(s) Fly Higher.

Please visit our web site for a more complete picture of what we do,
but our services include:

Traditional Advertising
Print (Newspaper & Magazine)
Outdoor (Billboards, Transit, Posters)

Brochures & Folders
Flyers & Inserts
Tickets & Badges
Specialty Pieces

Web & Mobile Marketing
Web Sites
Mobile Sites
Internet Banners & Other Web Ads

Trade Show Booths & Point-of-Sale Displays
Direct Mail Packages
Book Jacket Designs

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Key practices: Health & Senior Care, Consumer Goods, B-to-B, AEC/Development, Energy, Non-Profits

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Better Business Bureau, American Mktg. Assn., ASPCA, Mensa, National Trust for Historic
  • Preservation, Southern Poverty Law Center, Quincy Chamber, Sierra Club

Serviced Areas

  • Headquartered in Historic Quincy, Massachusetts, we serve clients worldwide

Payment Options

  • Credit Terms Available, Money Orders, PayPal, Personal Checks

Contact Details

  Person Greg Robertson
  City Quincy, MA
  Zip Code 02169
  Address 53 Upton Street
  Phone Number (617) 803-1274
  Fax 617-687-0226

Business Representative

Greg Robertson

Principal+Creative Director

Greg spent the first 20-some years of his career developing creative, yet strategic ads, commercials, web sites, brand positions, names, etc. for major brands, from AT&T, BF Goodrich, Bic, and Blue Cross to Logitech, Pepsi, Ryland Homes, and Washington Gas.

He still does that, but the world has changed and today new technologies and new social acceptance of how business gets done are expanding opportunities for local and regional companies to compete fiercely with national brands. With all that, though, comes just MORE NEED for smart, memorable creativity and strategic planning in how a brand that is poised for growth defines itself, and demonstrates its ability to improve the lives of customers.

From Our Website

For over 20 years, PowerFlite has helped Biotech & Pharma firms, Hospitals, Skilled Nursing & Rehab Centers, Health Plans, and Medical Device companies thrive, creating everything from targeted ad campaigns, web sites, and brochures to Powerpoints, white papers, and infographics. All to build a healthier bottom line. We don't offer assisted living ourselves, nor do we sell real estate, design/build homes, or lease commercial properties, but we do give real estate firms, architects, engineering firms, builders, and senior living residences more of the the tools they need to sell more effectively.

You don't make presentations to have fun. You make them to win new business, defend existing accounts, or get across a lot of information - often including complex details - in a limited time. Let's face it, we live in a Short Attention Span world. People are busy, often in a hurry, and are overwhelmed with media. All the more reason that you need your message to tell a meaningful story in 3 seconds flat no matter where it appears. In an elevator, at a trade show, at retail, or hanging from a lamp post, a powerful poster can do wonders.

PowerFlite has done a great job helping us identify our strongest brand messages, then packaging them to tell our story well. From honing our brand position and creating our elegant company brochure and website to developing effective print ads that got us more attention than we expected, their team has come through for us every time, and done so on budget. I am especially impressed with their ability to use our operational policies to create meaningful ads that express our advantages to target audiences.

The PowerFlite name came from an affinity for those inventive 20th Century souls who tested internal combustion engines in their garages, built "aeroplanes" in barns, and eagerly strapped a rocket engine and jet fuel to their backs for personal flight. Today's entrepreneurs tend to lean toward electronics more than combustibles, but their spirit and desire to make a difference are just as admirable. Not only are we kindred spirits to these adventurers, but we also intend for our work to help them go higher and do more than they might flying alone.

Ads work different ways for different audiences, different products, and different categories. But in one sense, they all work the same way: An ad has to be noticed before anyone can read it, or react to it. It also has to be relevant to your target audience. Relevance to the lives of your customers is the #1 reason people watch, listen to, or read advertising. We find strategically pertinent points of relevance to focus on in your ads, then develop creative concepts that will work best for your messages: Serious or funny?

You run a business? Then remember: A brochure is you when you can't be there. That's why your brochure needs to look and feel like the brand you want your audiences to know and love. And it's why you should never surrender your brand to some generic-looking templated brochure that anyone in your industry can order off the web. Below are a few of the custom brochures we've created for clients in a wide range of industries. What can't be shown is our passion for giving clients work that makes them stand out and get noticed by the people who matter most - their prospects and customers.

If you saw the word "personalized" above and thought, "You mean those direct mail letters with my name on them?" the answer is no. We're talking about letters that are structurally the same in each package, but factually different for every recipient because each one is personalized to feature facts individual to each recipient's business. For example, 12 of the biotech CEOs who were sent the package above were developing immunotherapies, but most of those therapies targeted a different ailment - including six types of cancer, Parkinson's disease, inflammatory diseases, asthma, alopecia, and more.

Whether you have an all-new product or company and need all of the pieces to take it from thoughts and dreams to a viable brand identity or you simply need to tune up your existing brand position, logo, color treatment, or brand integration, PowerFlite can help with as much or as little as you wish. Below are a very few examples of how we have applied our Genuine Branding approach to help our client's brands. Companies often come to us not because they are just getting started, but because they are well-established, but want their target audiences to know that they are energized, passionate, and more serious than ever about what they do.