My greatest strengths are that of a Graphics and Web Designer, as I have the most experience at those types of projects, and a vast knowledge of the principles, standards, and trends associated with them. I have been developing websites from an early age, and have followed the evolution of website design for the past decade.

My own skills have grown to complement that evolution as I developed the skills to not only code well formed HTML/XHTML and CSS, but learned to work within Content Management Systems (CMS) and Databases like MySQL. Working with web programmers and developers I also learned about PHP.

With regard to Graphic Design and Digital Illustration, I honed my skills by learning an array of advanced level techniques and workflow's. Given my background as an Illustrator, color theory, composition, and layout were things that came very naturally to me; since I had prior knowledge and experience with these concepts.

I went on to learn about Typography, and Digital Print Production using programs like Adobe Illustratorand Adobe InDesign. I continue to work as a Digital Photographer, a background that has enhanced my skills in: advanced photo-manipulation, retouching, color corrections, and vivid commercial effects.

Contact Details

  City Brooklyn, NY
  Phone Number (910) 551-6170