With over thirteen years of experience in professional Web development and over thirty years in professional graphic design and illustration, we help businesses succeed on the Web and in their print marketing materials.

Website Design/Re-design and Development.
Website Maintenance.
Online Marketing (eNewsletters, eBanners, etc.)
Copywriting and Copyediting.
Domain Registration.
Web Hosting.
Graphic Design for Print.
Logo Design, includes full stationery package.
Brochures, Catalogs, Marketing Packages.
Print Ads.
Newsletters, Recreation Guides.
Packaging Design.

Payment Options

  • American Express, Discover, MasterCard, PayPal, VISA

Contact Details

  Person Judy Sava-Coppola
  City Sacramento, CA
  Zip Code 95831
  Address 6180 14th Street
  Phone Number (916) 427-3441

Business Representative

Judy Sava-Coppola


Judy was educated in Sacramento, California in Graphic Design, Web Design & Development, Fine Art and Commercial Illustration. Originally co-owner of Coppola & Sava Advertising Agency, later owner of SavaGraphics Design and Illustration studio, and then Vice President in the advertising department for The Money Store. Since 1999, she has owned and operated Sava Design. In her spare time she volunteers for SAGE (Sacramento Advocates for Girls' Empowerment) and teaches Web site design to teenage girls. Member of the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Products & Services

Logo Design

Your logo expresses everything you want to communicate about your company in one design. It is your identity. Using communicative design, we will create a custom logo that will convey your vision, products and image.

Ads & Direct Mail

Even with the internet, print ads and direct mail are even more critical marketing tools. Ads placed in trade publications drill down to your specific market as do direct mail marketing. We will break through the clutter with fresh concepts and strong graphics.


Your brochure is your company's introduction on paper. How you introduce yourself to your market must be consistent with your business plan and advertising while conveying your message and the benefits you have to offer through smart graphics and copy.

IPhone / iPod Touch Application Design

We provide the interface design, you provide the coding.

Website Design & Development

We offer a wide range of professional, custom Web site design services including Web development, original custom graphics, copywriting/editing, photo and graphics retouching, Flash animation and more. We do not sell pre-fab templates so no two Web sites look alike. Your Web site is your own unique signature based upon our collaboration and research into your product or service. Our philosophy is to set your company apart from the crowd with strong communication. Our expertise is based upon our many years of design and advertising experience.

Have a site now? We can bring your old site up to the lastest standards so it works for you.