Splash Graphics. SGI is a premedia firm that supplies our clients the capability to effectively utilize both new media like the web and conventional media like offset print. We make graphic content work seamlessly without jeopardizing your brand identity. SGI puts control and distribution of centralized data in your hands.

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  City Lombard, IL
  Zip Code 60148
  Address 230 Eisenhower Ln N
  Phone Number (630) 396-2006

From Our Website

Splash provides marketing support services that include but not limited to content creation, photography, brand and color management, creative design, consumer packaging, large format digital printing, signage, premedia services, Flexographic and Lithographic plates. Therefore, a company can interact with Splash for specific parts of a project or leverage their buying power and complete their marketing effort.

We believe we have something special here at Splash. We have a fantastic, nimble, and highly competent organization. It is easy to talk about ourselves as we believe we are unique in our environment. We are in a market space that is populated with competitors that have been ravaged with mergers and acquisitions. Today these competitors have morphed into large organizations which as a result of their size may be stogy and expensive. The term "diamond in the rough" was used by one of our clients after finding us.

Splash Graphics has 20+ years experience in preparing files and plate making for various printing processes. Our team consists of a skilled and experienced group of individuals who understand the craft as well as technical aspects behind color, fades, traps, color gamut, moir, stochastic etc. Our prepress folks know how to manage the nuances between substrate and manufacturing processes to deliver brand consistent quality. Our file prep teams will ensure smooth production as you move down the manufacturing pipeline.

With over 20 years of experience, Splash's in house Studio can be your photographic resource. No matter how basic or grandiose your ideas and budget are, Splash Studio can carry out your vision. Ranging from simple tabletop shots, complex set design and construction to location photography; we possess the skills to meet the most stringent of brand requirements. We blend our creative skills with the latest technologies in photography, color management and proofing to create a full range of effects.

Packaging, signage, content creation and marketing materials, Splash can implement, manage and produce your organizations vision across multiple product lines within your established brand standards. A package on the shelf is the final opportunity to define your brand in the eye of the consumer. We understand your brand must convey a consistent image/promise in the consumers mind. Splash is experienced in managing a brand message across various sku's, in vertical markets that target specific consumers.

What is a press-ready PDF? A File of high resolution with all fonts embedded and subsetted, color attributes set in CMYK or spot (PANTONE) color-space. Settings are optimized for high-quality printing. If you wish to summit a Hi-Res PDF then you must prepare the files for plating (which means you understand all the characteristics of the specific press you are printing on) and know where and how to prepare files for things such as min-doting, contaminate color removal and specific trap requirements for the press you are printing.