Web design and search engine optimization are our primary focus although we also offer graphic design and logo design as a service to our top customers. We know the importance of establishing and maintaining a solid brand and strategy. Our customers never worry that materials will hurt them. In fact, they are typically able to expand their strategy and even capitalize on the brand they have.

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  Person Stark Marketing
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Stark Marketing

Matthew graduated in 2005 with his BSB in Marketing. Since January of 2006, he has been working with small businesses. He enjoys helping business owners grow. He also enjoys movies, golf, football, cooking, and spending time with friends and family. To meet Matthew, visit his BNI group every Friday morning; 7am at the Winchester Mystery House. Headquartered in San Jose, CA, we have clients all over the United States.

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We offer SEO as a primary focus to our web clients. Where others fail, we succeed. All of our clients enjoy first page ranking in google and other search engines. References available upon request.

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San Jose Web Design

Don't be fooled by any web designer tricks. This is the real deal and each custom website is designed in Photoshop and Illustrator, before making its way to Dreamweaver and the internet. If you currently use a starter site, this is a great deal in an upgrade. Our sites always include:
1. call to action
2. optimized for search engines
3. contact form

We also offer branding help. Our marketing firm has been building websites since 2006 and many of them actually generate business, which is what you want. Don't settle for less, call Stark Marketing. (408) 425-5758 to find out more information about web design for ROI.

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We never thought we would ever get business from our website. We have had a web presence in one form or another for over 10 years. in that time, we have never had a single call from our website. That was until Stark Marketing took over. They cleaned up our site, polished it, and then applied their magic. Would recommend to anyone (except maybe our competition)!

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Now once you have determined the right keywords that you need to use in your content, what you need to do is to determine how much of it you need to incorporate in your article before your article starts to sound funny. When it comes to the number of keywords to include in you need to include, you have to remember that you should use your keywords at least five times in the article. If it is difficult to determine the keyword count, you need to take note that the best keyword density is 2.5% if you want to achieve good results.

Trust our proprietary 4E design principles; you only have seconds! Although in some instances long copy works, most of the time your marketing has limited time to capture an audience. That's why we have created our winning formula that can go a long way to your advertising success.

I recommend working with Stark Marketing for people who want to be treated with respect, listened to, and supported in ways that will truly protect one of your business' most important assets, your website.

We always design for the client. We start by discovering and researching your competiton. We analyze their web presence based on several criteria, including their design quality, the amount of content and pages their website has, their link structure, their traffic sources, their pagerank, Alexa score, and others. We then consult with you regarding the best approach to carve out a niche that your competition is missing. Once we have a clear direction, we begin the website designing phase. There is a design revision process that allows our clients to provide feedback on the website's new look and feel.