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With too many small businesses in a small geographic location, it is tougher for businesses to catch customers’ eye with something special in your business/products.

You sell a product at xyz$ and your competitor is also selling that one in the same price with same quality. Who would your customer choose you or your competitor?

In such situations, a customer chooses either you or your competitor randomly based on how their day went, what is the nearby place to your business, or the distance of your business.

But you can change that decision of your customer without spending hundreds of dollars and that is creating a unique brand identity. Your brand is one thing that makes you unique and different from your competition. But without a compelling logo, you are just another business.

A great logo design that has all the elements of creativity, uniqueness, and relevancy to you business could influence a customer’s buying decision and make them buy from you. Not only that, with a unique and compelling logo design you market your business without paying any fancy marketing agency, your customers and products they’ve bought works as word of mouth advertisement.

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Jul 8, 2014

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