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This is an extremely biased review, since I am the CEO. I will probably remove it if possible once we have some reviews by actual clients.That said, I.

Cool guy.did a nice job on my tat right arm, and my back

Vicki is one of the most talented graphic designers I have ever met. Simultaneously contemporary and primal, her work speaks to a deep place in the soul. Vicki's art draws one in, creating a feeling of connection with life, with earth, and with self. This is the gift that she has and brings

Clarence Lee is a Living Treasure.at least that's what Hawaii says, and I don't argue with the Islands of Hawaii very often.He's been around for 30.

Messtah Sun Cho Lee, get planyy Inkee, And he geevs to me, almoz fo' freeee.yep, gangy, if you are in need to feeding that omnivorous monstah on yer.